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Project Description

The New App for Making It In America is a US Department of Labor Workforce Innovation Fund Grant project that aims to support innovative domestic manufacturing.

The New App for Making It In America is finding ways to overcome current domestic manufacturing challenges that send startups and innovative manufacturing overseas. By meeting the needs of the manufacturing and making communities we aim to remove obstacles and accelerate opportunities for new business ventures, new collaborations, and the adoption of new technologies here in the U.S.

We have identified and created systems to address the many challenges facing domestic manufacturers today, including: workforce needs, supply chain, capital, professional services and more.

The MAKERSHiP Project Next-Gen Apprenticeship for Digital Making

The MAKERSHiP Project is designed to retrain people in Western Pennsylvania who have recently lost a job for careers in digital making and manufacturing. Participants can develop a portfolio of work and access job placements with advanced manufacturers and start-up companies.

With consortium members like the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO, Carnegie Mellon University and TechShop, we have a wide range of industry talent and training experience to draw from. The Three Rivers Workforce Investment Board and Keystone Development Partnership provide valuable workforce expertise.

The Maker Registry

The New App for Making It In America is building an online platform for makers and manufacturers that gives a voice and a home to anyone who wants to make things. Makers will register for teaming, collaboration, employment opportunities, and online community interaction.

Too often great ideas cannot get off the ground because industry knowledge is buried and the tools of business are inaccessible. By bringing together all the players in making, from the entrepreneur/engineer, the mature manufacturer, the union member, the hobbyist, and the artisan we can capture a vast body of knowledge and experience.

New App for Making It In America – Events

The New App for Making It In America also holds events to support the startup and manufacturing communities.

Startup Bootcamps are intensive learning and networking events that connect entrepreneurs to resources. Windows on Innovation is held by Carnegie Mellon University and connects union leaders with university faculty to discuss future technology and the possible implications of new technology for industry.

New App for Making It In America – Links

U.S. Labor Secretary Hilda Solis announced the award of a $3 million grant for “Making It In America” at CMU on June 14, 2012. “Making it in America is about bringing inventors, scientist and manufacturers to gather to make it here,” said Rick Bloomingdale, president of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO. “We need to re-connect inventors with the workforce.”

The White House announcement for their first Maker Faire promoted the New App for Making It In America and the MAKERSHiP Project, ” with funding from the Department of Labor, The PA AFL-CIO and Carnegie Mellon University are partnering with TechShop Pittsburgh to create an apprenticeship program for 21st-century manufacturing and encourage startups to  manufacture domestically.

Remarks at the Workforce Innovation Fund Press Conference praised our Startup Bootcamp and Windows On Innovation events. “The labor leaders came to this campus and received a wide-ranging briefing on future technology that’s coming down the pipeline. This way, they can anticipate future training needs and stay a step ahead of the curve in designing training programs.”

We are working with MAYA Design to build a platform that will become the online home for makers and manufacturers.

The New App for Making It In America Consortium – Pennsylvania AFL-CIO, Carnegie Mellon University, Three Rivers Workforce Investment Board, Strategic Development Solutions, Keystone Research Center, Keystone Development Partnership, TechShop, StartUptown.